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    Advice Please - Long Exposure Photography...

    I would like to try long exposure for landscapes and I have been looking at the following ND filter options.

    1) Lee100 Long Exposure Kit (10 stop, 6 stop, 0.6 hard ND grad)
    2) Hoya ProND range

    After weighing up the proís and conís for each, I am leaning towards the screw-on type.

    However, I would appreciate hands-on tips/advice from more experienced photographers.

    Which of my lenses would be best suited to this type of photography?

    Thinking about the screw-on type, which filter factors would be good to start with?

    Will my Nikon ML-L3 wireless remote control be suitable?

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    Re: Advice Please - Long Exposure Photography...

    get a filter set like this https://www.amazon.com/Filter-ND1000...8838574&sr=8-9 choose a set size equal to or larger than your largest lens say 77mm
    get a set of stepup/stepdown rings https://www.amazon.com/Filter-Adapte...xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==
    get wired remote to control exposure time (longer than 30 sec)

    product listed are for an example
    check you tube for tutorials on selection of filters and there use


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    Re: Advice Please - Long Exposure Photography...

    I personally prefer the slide in square style. Easier to change filters, you can use grad filters, you can stack filters, no stuck threads.
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    Re: Advice Please - Long Exposure Photography...

    Personally I prefer the screw on type for an ND filter. You really shouldn't require anything less than a 3-stop. Even a Circular Polarizer has some light loss and can be used in a pinch. Either a 9-stop or 10-stop would be good. And possibly a 6-stop. I wouldn't stack them only due to possible lens flare.

    I have an ICE 10-stop and found it works well. Any type of remote trigger will work - or use the self-timer. If I had it to do over again, I'd just go with either a 9-stop or 10-stop as my first purchase.

    If you are considering a graduated ND filter, then I'd suggest one of the square ones. That way you can slide it up or down to adjust where the graduated section starts.
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    Re: Advice Please - Long Exposure Photography...

    I prefer the square Cokin style... It gives you the flexibility to try all the different filters with all your different sized lenses... polarizing/ND/graduated/color...

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