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    Hey y'all!

    Poking my bald head back in here... have been away from shooting for a while, but feeding my never ending desire to shoot again, and this is the place with all the folks I'd grown to love and respect, so... HIYAS!

    It's been a bit, but in my off time, I managed to track down a gorgeous F3 complete with manual and unscratched brown leather case from 1982, and a couple of pristine lenses, the 50mm f2 ai manual, and the highly regarded 29mm f2 ai manual. Has a film winder/grip, the old speed flash attachment, and an old vivitar 60mm push macro lens too, LOL! Maybe some day, between shots with the beast and beast jr., I might start dabbling in this film business again?

    Anyway, will be browsing and inspring myself with all your great shots, and hope to jabber with ya and share some of my own again soon!


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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Welcome back aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your film work.
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Yo Pretzel where you been , good to have you back

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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Welcome back!

    Glad you found us again! Hope you stick around.
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Nice to have you back, Pretzel! It's been too long.

    You probably won't be interested, but the D7200 is on sale for a really good price. Nikon seems to be moving away from dual card slots on the lower end DX bodies. The D7500 only has one slot. I found the sensor to be much better on the D7200 than the D7100. Anyway, glad you are back.
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Good to hear from you!
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    welcome back Pretzel
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Welcome back, Pretzel.
    Good to hear from you again!
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