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    Re: Sigma Lens Compatibility Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffwood View Post
    Have just found out from local Sigma distributor that lens firmware needs upgrading to cope with the D800 firmware upgrade. I ship the lens to them and they do the firmware upgrade for no charge. Phew !

    If your lens is a Sport or Contemporary model, you might want to consider getting the Sigma dock and do future firmware updates yourself. I don't have one and have never done firmware updates to any lenses, but some people here have done it. That way if you upgrade to a newer body, you might not have to send in the lens again. Just a thought.


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    Re: Sigma Lens Compatibility Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by BackdoorHippie View Post
    ..., it's far more a matter of what you're used to. And I can get used to a new system. Good glass, on the other hand, is something you'll always have a hard time parting with.
    That is it in a nutshell. The brand you start with tends to be the one you stay with (for amateurs.) The longer you have it, and the more of it that you accumulate, the harder it is to change.

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