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    Nikon DSLR lines under the axe

    TL;DR see link at the end.

    Nikonrumors posted a rumor about DSLR lines that will not see an upgrade. It is a rumor not a fact, but rapidly falling sales means that Nikon cannot continue to do what it has done, because people aren't buying what Nikon is selling.

    According to the rumor D3000, D5000 and D500 lines will not continue. Makes perfect sense.

    The mirrorless midrange Z6/Z7 series will definitely see a lower-specced model (Z5?) and a higher specced model (Z9?) soon, and the non-selling DSLR lines will be culled. There's no surprise, anybody knows that.

    Time to stash up a couple of D3300 for future, since that is the last D3000-series camera that meters with non-G lenses. D3400 (and D3500) lost that ability. No wonder these are not selling since the R&D has been zero and the image quality has been the same since D3200.

    D500 has been a surprisingly slow seller with about 110,000 units thus far. Definitely a sour disappointment for Nikon. The D300/D300S sold 900,000 units together (588k + 311k) and D200 sold 725k and even the D100 sold 302k units. A noteworthy thing is that he entry-level FX camera (D600/D610/D750) has sold 1.3 million units total (235k + 614k+ 457k), a lot more than D300/D300s/D500 all together.

    I will stash up a D3300 and a D5200 for possible future needs and wait for D6 and Z9. I will put my Z7 for sale since that one is not ready for prime time.

    My local brick&mortar pro camera chain is currently pushing all these 3 cameras at the same price:
    • D7200 - 899 euro
    • D7500 - 899 euro
    • D750 - 899 euro

    Could be an indication that they already know about the next upgrades, could be just a coincident, could be that they have overstocked and cannot get rid of them otherwise. What is obvious is that a "D7600" and a "D760" will come out some day, probably sharing the same plastic body as a cost-cutting effort. Hopefully both get a big upgrade in the sensor department.


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    Re: Nikon DSLR lines under the axe

    If true, I wonder if this will drive the price of remaining stock down...to where it should have been all along if they'd really wanted to attract potential hobbyists away from their phones.

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    Re: Nikon DSLR lines under the axe

    I doubt very few will be attracted away from their phone. DLSRs are going the way of the stick shift.

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    Re: Nikon DSLR lines under the axe

    Quote Originally Posted by pforsell View Post
    D500 has been a surprisingly slow seller with about 110,000 units thus far. Definitely a sour disappointment for Nikon.
    I didn't see that info in the link you provided. Curious where you got the information.
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