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    IQ used by Pro Photograpers

    I just bought a D800 cheaply (400 EUR) from a pro (>260000 clicks).

    When changing the settings to what I want, I noticed the pro (NPS program) "reporter" shot 12 bit lossy compressed raw, full manual.

    Conclusion: he had a D800 for the button layout, but did not need the full IQ the sensor. I can understand for "reporter" work, I was already surprised with the D800 choice for a reporter.
    Still confused why he was moving to a D850 now, probably a price consideration.

    I stand on 14 bit lossless compressed raw, but do go auto ISO as I'm a bit lazy.

    I know that pros in sport events use JPGs from a D4S at 16 Mpix.

    Are enthusiasts exaggerating with 14 bit lossless compressed raw?
    Some studio work is certainly done above 14 bit (medium format).

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    Re: IQ used by Pro Photograpers

    Hi Vincent, I agree with your conclusion that his type of work may not have required the highest IQ. Newspapers and magazines, for example, usually print images at sizes where you could hardly see the differences between these settings, anyway. For the D800, file sizes for 12-bit compressed are spec'd at 29MB, while 14-bit uncompressed is 74.4MB. For traveling reporters, the biggest issue today is not necessarily image storage but image transfer - uploading large images to the web takes ages in some places.

    The question why he goes for a D850 is interesting, though. My guess is it may not be resolution or highest IQ but the overall package. The D850 is a relatively lightweight full-frame camera that does exceptionally well in almost any shooting situation. I am craving it, too, and I have absolutely no need for its resolution (though I like the IQ).
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