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    Re: So tell me why I shouldn't jump to FX...

    @Fortkentdad, like I stated previously to Bill, I am not worried about glass. My 70-200 F2.8, 70-210 F4, and 50mm are my go to lenses. I will be adding an 85 F1.8 just to fill in the gaps. Also several other lenses are in my possession which are geared for FX. I have minimal DX glass, which are more specialty lenses which are not going anywhere.

    But with all things considered it is just the inevitable of the transition to acquiring an FX body.

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    I'm not a pro photographer. I just play one on TV.

    I think everyone should follow and do. Please do not assume we know what's in your camera bag, I left my magic mind reading hat at the repair shop because it does not work past my computer screen.

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    If you fill out your profile and add the camera gear we can better answer any questions that you might have.
    You can do that at http://nikonites.com/profile.php?do=editprofile

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    Re: So tell me why I shouldn't jump to FX...

    Since as you've said this going to FX is going to happen, then it's just a matter of which FX as I think you mentioned!
    Though I have thoughts about Nikon's I don't have, I can only really say on Nikon's I do have or have tried, which is the D700 and D800E.
    Since I don't believe the D700 is of interest to you,I'll just say my 2 cents worth about the D800E that has been my dream Nikon from the beginning!

    The D800E Nikon is a specialty camera, and some might find the file size bigger than they are worth! The 24 MPs Nikon seem to be the preferred by general shooters! So in some cases this might be true, but mostly I think sports and birding would be the biggest areas that other Nikon's either could or would out shine it in! But in macro, regular wildlife,street, and especially landscapes this awesome Nikon holds it's own or excels! Now don't get me wrong, the spray and pray method, or more controlled versions like that will put this model in the less likely to please list! But for most other methods this is an outstanding performer!

    Now to the dreaded file size issue! It is real and even if this Nikon did handle the spray and pray method, nobody would want to load their computer with that amount of these huge files! Lol I can't even imagine that outside of a nightmare! Lol
    But on the other hand here I am with less ability to handle these files than most, and I am still doing it though on a very limited amount at a session or on a card! What it would take to shoot full bore and post processing a big card full of these files, would have to be asked of somebody who has done so! Which by the way is what I'll be looking for in my next computer! Lol
    As to if this Nikon would the right one for you, only you can answer that one buddy! But I will say I love mine and it is worth every penny of what it costs IMHO!
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    Re: So tell me why I shouldn't jump to FX...

    You get used to the file size Bill. I shoot uncompressed which makes for some 70Mb each. It takes quite some longer if I have to load 100-200 shots to my computer but I insert the card, hit transfer and then go do something else.
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