Z 7II issue - not a problem with the camera, but a problem none the less


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Like a lot of males, I have common red/green color blindness. I have no problem identifying colors but, in some circumstances, it's hard for me to see contrasts between reds/greens/browns.

I stopped today to take a couple of photos of a favorite place. When I looked through the viewfinder, I couldn't see the little red AF square anywhere in the frame. I kept hitting the joystick button to center it but it didn't seem to be working. I partial-pressed the shutter button and when the little red square turned green, I could suddenly see it. It turns out the red square was there all the time; I just couldn't see it against the green colors of that particular background.

I sure hope this doesn't become an on-going issue!

I had already adjusted my focus-peaking menu so that the in-focus areas show as blue. I can see blue very easily. But with some of the AF views, it seems the very thin red square can evade me. I wish I could change the colors of those screen features.

BF Hammer

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This seems like such a firmware fix waiting to happen. You are among 10% of the male population, which is significant enough that it ought to be addressed.