z 20mm f1.8 S arrived


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I was surprised that FedEx delivered my new z 20mm f1.8S from B&H at around 6:00 PM today! Today is the only day having a little sunshine and a clear sky for this week (all raining and showers every other day). So I set the new lens on my z6ii and went outside hoping to catch some night sky shots. Not so lucky, the sky was already covered with many clouds setting for a late night storm. Did manage to take a few images for testing purposes. My exposures were a bit off, but the new lens showed its strength in sharpness and clarity in nightscape conditions (IMO). The attached pic 1 was shot by AF-S and bit overexposed and pic 2 by switching from AF to MF at the same focal point, but with reduced exposure. Images only scaled down with no pp. Your thoughts, comments, opinion. (This is the first little test only)

pic 1

pic 2


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Though it was cast, cloudy, and raining, I took no more wait and went out for some nightscape (low-light) tests again. Due to the bad weather, no best night scene could be found only settled with no stars. IMO, the lens handled the low-light, low-clarity scene pretty well. Was impressed with its super-fast AF speed (thanks to its two focus motors).