Shooting Continuous

Dawg Pics

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Thank you DawgPics. I think I'm limited to 5 shots before buffer fills because, as i've been playing around, I'm using an old card: SanDisk Ultra 15MB/s, Class 4. Pretty sure i need to put in one of my newer cards.....

Glad it is sorted.
Like I said, anything more technical than frame rate, and my brain goes mushy.
I see I misunderstood the part where the camera actually was stopping on it's own after 5 shots. Sorry about that. Wasn't trying to be condescending or anything. It think my brain got confused when you said you thought that would happen only in CH. I think I now understand what you were trying to say.

Have fun.

Dawg Pics

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Since I don't know anything about write speeds, I looked at the specs. You get a whopping 10 image buffer capacity under optimal circumstances with 14 bit compressed Raw using a 16gig 95MB/s card.
JPeg you get up to 100 buffer capacity depending on the settings. Let us know what happens when you use a faster card.

My D300 would bog down considerably when trying to shoot long exposures consecutively. It was frustrating.

Rick M

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Aren't CL and CH frame rates changeable in the settings? Perhaps that option is not available in that model. Depending on the settings, you may also have a long lag time when capturing the overexposed frames when bracketing exposure.