Post your pictures that beg for a caption.


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The title says it all. Post em with or without your own caption, or post a great caption for someone else's picture. Please, just post your own pictures, not those from the web.

Mods, please move this to off topic if appropriate.

I'll start it off.


Jerry decided to wear spandex while mowing his lawn.


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Well, I wasn't intending it to be wildlife specific. I did a search for captions and didn't come with anything germane. I didn't see that one because of the title. I was hoping that folks might have some photos from a wide range of subjects that lend themselves to captioning.

Okay, I'll leave it alone then.


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We're only supposed to post pictures WE took, not memes cut-n-pasted from the internet, right? Ok, in that case I know I posted this previously, but you're getting it again - this time with a caption!

Said in my best Don Adams "Get Smart" voice: "He missed it by that much."

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OK, I posted this in the squirrel thread, but this morning decided it really needed a caption. Hope that double posting a picture isn't a breach of etiquette.


What is this "perloo" you speak of?


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