Post Your Black and Whites Photos!!

Scott Murray

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Local African Fisherman.


Scott Murray

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Rwandan kids at the base of the Mountain.

We pay for a permit to visit the gorillas in Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park. The permit costs $700+AUD (at the time). While walking to the base of one of the mountains we come across kids working on the farm, they are farming Citronella which gets sent off and sold for a pretty penny. They do not see much of that money.



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Even when I hunted deer years ago I could care less to keep the horns on my wall. I hunted for the meat. Since my family doesn't like the taste of deer meat I don't hunt any more. I shoot with my camera and get different trophy shots of the same animal.
I do not want to know. I hate trophy hunting.


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This little guy was in a water fight with his older brother was losing. I love his expression.Kiddo-in-B&W.jpg
ISO 200
-3.7 exposure bias
with a 50mm lens and my d90


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Lake Biwa - I used the lighten option in camera one this one - don't think I like it

Through the trees - didn't use it on this one - I prefer this shade better