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Made a trip out to the Audubon Swamp attached to Magnolia Plantation. They have done some work dredging the swamp, and clearing debris. I haven't visited it in years. Got a couple snaps of this guy.


Also saw some ducks, anhingas and gators, Oh my. I went ahead and signed the release agreement in case I decide to play tag with the gators or bungee jump from the observation tower and get a hangnail, but I can call ahead the day before and get in at 7:00 AM before the crowds show up. Membership has it's perks. I've been spending most of my wildlife photographing time there at the old flooded rice field, but the swamp definitely deserves some time.


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One of the anhingas caught a fish that was almost too big to swallow. He finally managed it. Unfortunately, the sun came out and was directly behind him. Backlit with a black bird is not a good combo. These were taken the same time frame, with different exposures to try and find a happy medium. The last one, I had to turn the temp warm to get something that looked halfway decent, even though the duckweed was green. Background was WAY overexposed. The second was what it actually looked like.

I'm posting these only because of the interesting subject of a bird biting off almost more than he could swallow. They other photographer there commented that he would make a meal off a bream that big, if he caught one. Couldn't get them to come out in order, so the one that shows the cusp of success is first, the reference for color second, and the one with the big dilemma, was last.