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1969 Chevelle SS396. Taken at Fort Devens, Massachusetts in 1970 while I was stationed there. Bought the car used in November 1969 with 10,000+ miles on it for $2999.00. Sold it in May/June 1973 for $1350.00. Been kickin' my butt ever since then! Loved that car, but a growing family and a 10 MPG car DO NOT get along. Anyway, it was nice while it lasted! Photo taken with a Minolta SRT-101 35mm, and who knows what lens was on it at the time.

1969 Chevelle SS396_1.jpg


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A Buddy of mine had one of those Bonnivilles @Peter7100 . Pretty good little scoot. His Dad owned the Triumph shop in town. He was only about half crazy. I think if he had just been a bit crazier he could have outrun me. I just had a Honda 500 4 at the time.


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