P900 unable to read card after connecting to WiFi


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I just bought a Nikon Coolpix P900, it had a 64GB card in it which was showing “card can’t be read” error.
I replaced it with my own 8GB card. It worked and I was able to take some pictures and videos.
Next day, I enabled the WiFi and connected it to my iPhone using Wireless Mobile Utility.
After disabling the WiFi from the camera, I turned off the camera.
And a couple of hours later, I turned it on again and it is showing “card can’t be read” error.
I tried taking out the card and inserting again a couple of times but the error message is still there.
What can be the reason? Is there something with the WiFi connection or browsing the pictures through iPhone that caused something?

I am totally new to this and have been watching videos of Coolpix P series before buying one.

Thanks for any help.


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