Old Photo Restoration Filter in PS

Fred Kingston

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Topaz AI has the same issue... Eyeglasses on humans seem to be a challenge for AI... Same with eyes... It'll sporadically change brown eyes to blue or hazel... :) More frequently, it'll only incorrectly do ONE eye... which makes it standout that much more... same with eyeglasses... it'll change one lens shape and not the other...


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I can see it now family histories change by software! See I told you great aunt was illegitimate see she looks more like. All this because software changed some facial feature. :) Interesting times.


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The colorize filter is very iffy. What looks like a solid dark blue or black dress in B&W will end up various shades of dark blue to maroon. There are sections of a scene that end up gray versus the color assigned to other sections of the same object without any perceptible delineation. I am seldom satisfied with the colorize filter.