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Nikon LIVE at Imaging USA | Streaming live January 28-30
Sunday, January 28​
11:45 AM Dixie Dixon
Fashion Lighting for Stills and Video​
12:30 PM Jerry Ghionis
Shooting for Purpose and Profit​
1:15 PM Joe McNally, Jim Graham and Mike Corrado
Approach Powerful Portraiture
Editorial Portraiture Panel​
2:45 PM Joey Terrill
Magnifying the World with a Macro Lens​
3:30 PM Audrey Woulard
85mm Magic: Crafting Versatile Visions Through a Single Lens!​
4:15 PM Jim Graham
Light, Shape, Moment and Spirit—Looking Beyond the Obvious​
Monday, January 29​
11:45 AM Jen Pottheiser
Roots to Branches: Growing Your Photography Business​
12:30 PM Joe McNally
Managing Light​
1:15 PM Sharrone Calafiore, Ben Davis, Jerry Ghionis and Mike Corrado
Top Tips for Entering the Video World
Wedding Panel (Video & Photo)​
2:45 PM Chloe Ramirez
Directing Over Posing—The Art of Creating Effortless Couples Photos​
3:30 PM Rod Mar
Sports Photography: Searching for the Human Side​
4:15 PM Sharrone Calafiore
Inside the Mind of a Wedding Filmmaker​
Tuesday, January 30​
11:45 AM Malike Sidibe
The Importance and Benefits of Being Versatile​
12:30 PM Deb Sandidge
The Art of Photography—From Photos to Videos​
1:15 PM Rod Mar, Jen Pottheiser and Mike Corrado
Prepping for the Big Game: Top Pro Sports Photography Tips!
Sports Panel​
2:15 PM Gilmar Smith
Beyond the Frame: Adding Fun and Personality into Your Photography​
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