New firmware updates


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Interesting that the only firmware updates Nikon are providing now appears to be for the Z cameras! They seem to have no interest in DSLR camera support any more. I am still waiting for the D7200 update to allow full use of AFP Lenses! I have been waiting for the update for several years now, but have given up!!

BF Hammer

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Since the original post we now have an actual update for the Z5 also...

Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.20 to 1.21

  • • Fixed an issue that in rare circumstances resulted in vibration reduction failing to function after the firmware was upgraded to version 1.20.

How would I even confirm if VR has been working on my Z5? I had to upgrade to 1.20 on the first day to allow my FTZ-II adapter to work. Yes that is the only change line for the new firmware. No new features for us with the economy body.