Is Nikon D3000 good for capturing potraits?


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Portraits are more technique than camera.

Any camera is good for portraits but I would recommend a longer focal length if possible. The 55mm end of the 18-55mm kit lens is acceptable but I get better portraits on my D5000 with the 70-300mm lens.

A longer focal length will give faces better proportions (no hidden ears or big noses), make it easier to declutter the composition, and reduce the depth of field so you can have a completely blurred background.


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The D3000 is great for taking portraits. Any camera is, for that matter. Like the others have stated, they all use different lenses as their preferred portrait lenses, each having their own reasons for doing so. My preferred lens for portraits is the 50mm f1.8. Doesn't make it better than other lenses........just different. I also use my macro 85mm lens for portraits. It just gives the shot a different "look" in my opinion. I've even used a 55-200 and the 70-300 lens for portraits. They all have their differences in the final outcome. It's a personal thing to each and every photographer. Even shooting indoors and outdoors have their differences. Try any lens you like, then pick your favourite. Your decision. :)