Interface for the D3400


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On p. 99 of the Owner's Manual for the D3400 it describes the 2 interface ports as:
• Micro-USB
• Type-C HDMI (a.k.a Mini-HDMI)

I have long used the USB port for transferring pictures but always wondered about the HDMI port. Unfortunately, nowhere in the manual do I see a discussion as to what the HDMI port is really for, or if it's equivalent (with the right cable termial) to the Micro-USB port (i.e., same functionality).

Anybody know? :confused:


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Download the reference manual from here
Several relevant sections including:
D3400 HDMI.png


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Ahhhh ... p.184 of the Reference Manual, which I actually downoaded 5 years ago but never realy looked at.
So I guess it's only for viewing pictures (and possibly movies) on TV. This info. should be in the User's Manual !!

Thanks Needa. ;)