hi from thailand


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hi everyone, I live in Thailand and I want to photograph birds. I bought a Niko D5200 because it was recommended on birding forums. I didn't realize that I had to learn how to use it first. Maybe I'll hear solutions to problems on this forum.


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Welcome! Let's hear your questions or problems regarding bird photography and your camera gear. Someone with expertise here will help.


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Hello and welcome. I've never been to Thailand, but photos of your country show it is such a beautiful area!

Although I've never owned that Nikon body, there should be some type of Auto program which will allow you to start taking photos without too much technical knowledge. The thing is once you really get into using the camera, you might find those auto settings are limiting your desired results.

Bryan Peterson has several books that are very helpful with educating new photographers. If you are interested, I'd suggest Understanding Exposure. This book will help you understand the relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. And another book of his that is helpful when learning composition is Learning to See Creatively.

Here is a link to download the user manual. There might be a manual available in your native language, but for that it would be best for you to search for Nikon D5200 User Manual from your location. This manual is set for English but includes a link for Asian customers.