Greetings from Pennsylvania Wilds!


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Pennsylvania Wilds is actually a real designation. It is comprised of multiple counties in northern PA. It makes up about 25 % of the state, but contains only about 4 % of the population. We are surrounded by National and state forests, state parks, etc.

Naturally, I do take a lot of nature photos (pun intended), but I do enjoy taking other types. My wife and I went through many different cameras and camcorders (of different brands). Currently, we are both Nikon shooters.

I am excited to join the forum.


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Welcome aboard chphilo, enjoy the ride. We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

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chphilo - Welcome from a fellow Pennsylvanian (south central part) we love camping "upstate"

Great forum here, hope you have fun !! Check out the challenges