Darktable update


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Bleeding edge

Fedora core release cycles fast at 18 months. It seem they are slow with the dt updates.


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I have it now:

root@math16-16 kernel]# rpm -qa|grep darktable

releases are every 6 months for fedora IE going 34 to 35, but most applications and the kernel are fresh.


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Re: Bleeding edge

I was using something called redhat 7 (and 9) before I actually switched to fedora.. Not to be confused with redhat enterprise.. Used Slackwar before that. Probably started at
version 12 or 13?


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The package won't be available by repo for a few days, but I used the koji system to get the rpm early... :D


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Updated this AM. Almost as much fun as a new camera.

I think it is fun.
Something broke on mine tho! I did some photo exports and my cpu was up to 85C. Very hot.
The opencl stuff was broken. I know the opencl drivers had updated, but I actually had to modify some of the C source files for modules to get them to
compile. It's up and running now and was a fun debugging exercise. Guess if I were more than a hobbiest tho, I'd have to keep some backups of my setup
to make sure it keeps working!


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Grabbed a copy from the koji build system for Fedora!
Now I need to take some photos to give it a test drive.


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It was rebuilt already..
here's what I did to install:

MATH16-16 >> koji download-build darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35
Downloading: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.src.rpm
[====================================] 100% 5.19 MiB / 5.19 MiB
Downloading: darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64.rpm
[====================================] 100% 29.88 KiB / 29.88 KiB
Downloading: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64.rpm
[====================================] 100% 6.41 MiB / 6.41 MiB
Downloading: darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.aarch64.rpm
[====================================] 100% 29.55 KiB / 29.55 KiB
Downloading: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.aarch64.rpm
[====================================] 100% 6.06 MiB / 6.06 MiB
Downloading: darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.ppc64le.rpm
[====================================] 100% 30.25 KiB / 30.25 KiB
Downloading: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.ppc64le.rpm
[====================================] 100% 6.64 MiB / 6.64 MiB
MATH16-16 >> su
[root@math16-16 kernel]# dnf update dark*
slacktechnologies_slack 2.9 kB/s | 1.8 kB 00:00
slacktechnologies_slack-source 1.6 kB/s | 951 B 00:00
Package darktable not installed, cannot update it.
No match for argument: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.aarch64.rpm
Package darktable not installed, cannot update it.
No match for argument: darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.ppc64le.rpm
File darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.src.rpm is a source package and cannot be updated, ignoring.
Package darktable-tools-noise not installed, cannot update it.
No match for argument: darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.aarch64.rpm
Package darktable-tools-noise not installed, cannot update it.
No match for argument: darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.ppc64le.rpm
Dependencies resolved.
Package Architecture Version Repository Size
darktable x86_64 3.8.0-6.fc35 @commandline 6.4 M
darktable-tools-noise x86_64 3.8.0-6.fc35 @commandline 30 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade 2 Packages

Total size: 6.4 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
Preparing : 1/1
Upgrading : darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64 1/4
Upgrading : darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64 2/4
Cleanup : darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-4.fc35.x86_64 3/4
Cleanup : darktable-3.8.0-4.fc35.x86_64 4/4
Running scriptlet: darktable-3.8.0-4.fc35.x86_64 4/4
Verifying : darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64 1/4
Verifying : darktable-3.8.0-4.fc35.x86_64 2/4
Verifying : darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64 3/4
Verifying : darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-4.fc35.x86_64 4/4

darktable-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64 darktable-tools-noise-3.8.0-6.fc35.x86_64


(assumes "koji" is installed)


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Got darktable 4.0.0 with my upgrade to Fedora 37 a month or so ago, and now see that 4.2.0 has been installed on the last update!
UI looks a fair bit different than 3.8 was.