Black & white images with one selective colour


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Apologies, this has probably been asked a million times.......

Can anyone give me advice on how to create a black and white image, with one colour selective? I'm on a Windows PC, haven't got Photoshop, but have got NX Studio. I've got some pictures of my favourite Spitfire which has some nice red colour to the propellor spinner and markings, which I think would work well in this style.

Thanks in advance.
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I tried NX briefly before getting Lightroom. My impression was that it was similar in layout to Lightroom. What I do in Lightroom is to create a mask of the item I want to remain in color and then invert it, so that everything else is selected. I then desaturate the mask. Don't know if NX has the same style of masks available.



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Is what Clovishound posted what you are asking about? That is called selective color. When I read your post, that isn't what crossed my mind. Here I was thinking you wanted the entire pic converted to B&W with the areas that were red (but are now B&W) to be enhanced - kind of like the way color filters used to work on B&W film.


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yes, selective colour is what I was on about, wasn't sure how best to describe it! I have a D3200, so don't think it has the selective colour option.


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Robstopper, nice American airplane from from the United Kingdom. Like your B&W photos.
Thank you.

The aircraft is known as the Suffolk Spitfire, and is based at Imperial War Museum in Duxford here in the UK. I'm lucky enough to know the owner/pilot, and have had several amazing encounters with it this year.

If you'd like to find out more about this amazing aircraft, check out