Auto-focus problem with AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1:2.8 G ED?


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Could be RTFM related, since I bought used and it didn't come with one and I never looked it up.

I am trying to post here but about one sentence in and it starts slowing down, so bear with me.

The 60mm will AF great for a bit and then stop. Seems to get confused acting as a normal lens and a Micro.


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Okay, Chrome now for some reason....

Walking around with the 60mm or shooting portraiture, whichever the case, the 60mm will AF great for a bit and then stop.

This usually happens when it cycles from near to far, seemingly confused between Macro/Micro type focal distance and normal focal distance.

If I flip Manual/Auto switch on and off it will once again AF or if I turn camera off/on or if I take lens off and put it back on.

But this happens a lot and grinds everything to a halt during a shoot.

I fear this may be a n00b question and I'm embarassing myself...but if anyone can help me it's this forum.