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I have a Godox 47" octabox which seems to be made very well. I bought this after hearing a Scott Kelby recommendation for a comparable Westcott Rapid Box. The problem was the Westcott had some negative reviews with broken ribs. There is also an optional Godox grid available for the octabox.

Everyone's "go-to" modifier will be will be dependent on specifically what they shoot and how they shoot it of course, but the medium-sized octabox umbrella is pure meat and potatoes in my experience.

Westcott makes good stuff in my opinion but think their gear just a little too rich for my blood. Their 26" Rapid Box tempted me for a long time but I couldn't get past the $150 price tag for example. My Godox collapsible soft box is larger (at 31") came with a Bowens mount and set me back $45. I could have three of them blowout on me and still not have paid as much as I would have for a single Wescott Rapid Box. Not to mention the Godox rapid box comes in a smaller, easier-to-port-around case. I'm also at that stage where I feel "less is more" when it comes gear; I'd much rather have two or thee bits of flexible gear than a vast array of highly specialized bits and pieces and a 47" octabox umbrella fits that equation nicely; but of course that's me and where I happen to be, right now, with my photography.

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