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    Master Class in Lighting with Jerry Ghionis, 3 days in Vegas...

    Wow, I am very tempted by this offer. For the price of a new body, you get a two day lighting course including room and board in Las Vegas. If you don't know who Jerry Ghionis is, check out his lectures on B&H Photo's Youtube channel. I took a full day course with him in North Carolina and it was both entertaining and instructional. He and his wife are fun to be around, plus the models he hires are gorgeous.


    Ghionis really knows how to pose and light his subjects, which he proved by shooting a wedding with just an iPhone 4. He submitted the wedding album to a national competition and came in third or fourth... with an iPhone. To top it off, all of the photo editing was done inside the phone.

    My point is that most of us do not really need new equipment to get better. We need more creativity, and more experience in lighting and posing.

    Maybe this should be cross-posted in Weddings...

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