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    Nikon F4, F4, 50mm 1.8D,


    I have a question that has been bothering me these last few days regarding my Nikon F4 and a Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens that I have. I let my friend borrow the camera with the lens mounted to the camera, but with the camera off. She then began to turn the focusing ring. Would this damage the camera/lens in any way, even if the camera was switched off at the time? When I turned the ring (still mounted) after her to make sure it was okay, it turned but as if it had 'brakes on', ie it was harder to turn it than with it being off of the camera. Have I caused any damage? Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Nikon F4, F4, 50mm 1.8D,

    If I remember correctly, the F4 is screw drive autofocus (as is the 50 1.8D). Don't be turning the lens focus ring unless the camera itself is in Manual-Focus.

    Turning the lens focus ring is driving the camera's AF motor if the camera body is not set to Manual Focus. That is a bad thing to do.

    If it will still focus the lens in AF mode then everything is OK still.
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    Re: Nikon F4, F4, 50mm 1.8D,

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    A little more resistance of the focus ring with the camera off is normal (you are manually turning the AF in the camera).
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