I have another new toy, and got such excellent help last time, I wanted to reach out to you guys again. I recently picked up an FM2, which I have wanted for awhile. It is in great shape, and everything seemed to function flawlessly... until I mounted a generic flash to the hot shoe. It will not fire.

I am assuming it should work fine with the FM2, since the flash works great with my FE and more modern Nikons. It is one of the Neewer TTL flashes, but has a manual mode. Has anyone had a hot shoe on a FM2 that did not work for some reason? It seems so unlikely that it would malfunction. The ready light in the view finder even stays lit on the right shutters speeds, and blinks when set to the "too fast" shutter speeds. So it seems it just is not sending the signal to fire.

I know I can get a sync cord and work around it, but I would like to fix the shoe, if possible. Or I would like to know if maybe I am just doing something wrong...

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