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    Coding issue

    Quote Originally Posted by nikonpup View Post
    ​​​​β€β€‹-----Capture date yesterday.
    I copied nikonpup's post from another thread to address it here. This is some type of coding issue. I've run into something very similar on another forum and brought it to jdeg's attention again. I'm not sure the issue here on Nikonites is caused by using an apostrophe as it is in the link, but it's a very similar type of problem. I only encounter it here in certain situations when using the Quick Reply box. Most times I use the Go Advanced option and use the larger text box for replying.


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    Re: Coding issue

    ​This is hitting the BOLD designator before typing.

    ​This is taking BOLD off before typing.

    And if I hit enter when finished typing the previous line the cursor jumps back to the front of the line and moves the typed line down. I have to physically move the cursor back to the end of the line to get it to advance down properly.

    ​This is underline before typing.

    It is a coding problem with setting font characteristics.


    It has been happening for me for a long time. I just go back and delete the nonsense characters that appear.

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    Re: Coding issue

    ​​β€β€‹------this comes and goes, i just used font, size, and color here.


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