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    Re: My Experiences not posting correctly

    Quote Originally Posted by wev View Post
    Except that I have done that many more than twelve times in the last eight years. I honestly don't care one way or the other, just had no idea what tagging meant

    Quote Originally Posted by wev View Post
    Then he's far more popular now than when he was living -- stating to get sort of spooky around here.
    I noticed that, too, and assume something is no longer working properly. Perhaps when Don passed is when the Experience system began to go downhill.

    Probably the most important factor in using the points is when a new member wants to access certain features. I *think* there might be limitations for new members to post in the Marketplace based on their number of experience points as well as adding signatures to their profiles. Other than that, it makes no difference to me.

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    Re: My Experiences not posting correctly

    Below is a listing of my recent posting:

    Date My Activity Experience
    9/23 9:10 AM None
    9-22 8:25 AM 3 Points
    9-21 4:00 PM None
    9-20 2:22 PM None
    9:59 AM 4 Points
    9-19 9:17 AM 4 Points
    9-18 11:59 AM 5 Points
    8:44 AM None
    9-17 11:29 AM None
    9-16 1:13 PM 4 Points

    As you can see, getting my Experience points is a very hit and miss operation. Accordingly, I have no choice but to give up on this entire process and just accept what happens. I can't see wasting any more of my time and computer time complaining to admin personnel that either accomplish nothing or don't ever respond.
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