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    Re: Upload problems

    I use Chrome so that might explain why I am not having problems.

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    Re: Upload problems

    I have had this exact same problem, for the same reason apparently, for the last 6 or 8 weeks. Is changing browser the only solution?
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    Re: Upload problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris@sabor View Post
    I have had this exact same problem, for the same reason apparently, for the last 6 or 8 weeks. Is changing browser the only solution?
    That is what I have done. Change over to Chrome (kicking and screaming). It does work, however there is another glitch. When typing in a new message and I hit the return key, it jumps back to before the word or phrase I just typed. The work around for that is to ensure that a few spaces are placed after the word of phrase before I hit the return (enter) key.

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    Re: Upload problems

    I struggled with Internet Explorer when uploading to the forum, nothing worked and it would not load an image at all. I tried Microsoft Edge and that worked with images set to 1250 pixels on the long side.
    My Laptop downloaded Chrome which I thought I would try and the forum runs really well on that and uploads really quickly.

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    Re: Upload problems

    I'm still failing to upload pictures to Nikonites with Firefox, having to use Chrome (which I do not like) for that purpose. Firefox works for all the other sites I access and it will allow me to upload text, as now with this message.
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