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    Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    I joined NAPP 3 years back and when it because KelbyOne I hung on to the membership because they honored the $99 NAPP renewal price instead of the $250 they were now charging. My membership comes up for renewal in April, but I just got an email from Kelby saying they have "processed my renewal", and this time it's at $199!! Now I know they just change the whole KelbyOne model (I really don't care) and perhaps they used that as an excuse to get everyone on the same plan, but if I was told they were billing me at a higher rate then I missed it and would have cancelled immediately.

    Before I call tomorrow when their phones open up, is anyone here on the plan and have they seen something similar or heard something I might have missed?!

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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    Jake, although I've never been a NAPP or KelbyOne member, I wondered if you found out any information regarding your renewal.
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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    KelbyOne essentially went through a change in direction over the weekend. They fired a bunch of the people who have worked for them and are focusing more on education rather than a lot of the product stuff they've done in the past. Apparently as a part of that the membership roles were tagged somehow resulting in a renewal email like the one I got being sent to some/all of the membership. I called their membership center first thing Monday morning and was told that "everyone got one, it was a mistake, no one was charged".

    No apology. No follow up email explaining the first email.

    If this is the new KelbyOne it doesn't bode well for them.

    I'm 99% sure I won't be renewing in April. Scott Kelby is a bit of a schmuck, replacing his roster of teachers with family. His right to do it, and my right not to pay him again. I'd rather invest the discounted $99/year membership I get in Lynda.com. Photoshop User magazine was nice, but I can live without it.

    With that said, if anyone would like to take over my discounted membership shoot me a PM. I'll give you best good deal.
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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    Wow, I guess I lucked out. I too have (had) NAPP membership for a few years. I also participated as a PhotoWalk Leader for a few years and in October after the PhotoWalk 2014 and at the start of KelbyOne they included a free membership even though I had a NAPP. I kept looking during 2014/2015 and they showed both memberships although the NAPP was not renewed. Then when they changed the web site it was hard to navigate then Brad Moore posted an apology about screwing up the PhotoWalk and I got another 1 year membership free. Now I see "If you’ve received any photography and Photoshop training and news from Scott Kelby’s KelbyOne, you probably recognize the names Pete Collins, RC Concepcion, Brad Moore, and Mia McCormick. Those are a few of the big names who are now looking for a new job — they are being laid off by KelbyOne as the company attempts to refocus on its “core principles” of training creatives." from PixelPetal.

    I'll probably not renew.

    Lou Cioccio
    Erie, PA

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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    Their website has been abysmal since the last redesign. Worst is the member discount section. It used to be that you could quickly find which companies were offered and click through. Now you need to scroll down through a slowly loading flash page as new discounts are added (and some restated) wondering if you somehow missed yours or if it's still down there somewhere - and you'll never know until it runs out of scrolling. Gawdawful.

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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    I've gotten that "renewal" email twice so far this year. The first time, they did send out an apology email supposedly penned by Scott. The second time I got nothing, but noticed like the first time, the amount listed as charged actually totaled to $0.00.

    I'm not sure what's going on with KelbyOne, but I do think I'm on too many 'educational forums' right now that several aren't getting utilized and will be phased out at renewal.

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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    I will not be renewing in July after being a member for 5 plus years. Just not the same without the old gang. There are also many problems with website. I also looked forward to getting magazines in mail which are now only digital format. I will stay with Lynda.com

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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    Hi Everyone,

    I was looking at learning tools and had heard of KelbyOne so came here to search and after the change earlier this year it does not sound so good... Wondering what has transpired since these posts, did everyone jump ship??? Did anyone stay... have they gotten better or worse??

    Thanks for any input.

    Pat in GA
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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    I had a trial and dropped it. I e-mailed them for help and got no response.
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    Re: Anyone here on KelbyOne?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawg Pics View Post
    I had a trial and dropped it.
    Same here. I tried it for a couple months and then dropped out. Just not my cup o' tea.
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