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    Oh! You Have to be Kidding Me, Nikon!!!!

    I can't believe that Nikon/Nikon USA would do this, but there it is in plan sight.

    Nikon USA has a sale on refurbished gear this week with certain photo gear offered at a 10% discount.

    Sure enough, there are D850s offered with the sale. But wait! Instead of the $2399.99 price that they were offered for earlier this week on the Nikon USA web site, they are now listed at 2799.96. With a discount of 10% bring the price before taxes to 2519.96.

    Meanwhile, the D850 is still offered on more than one retailers web site at between $2495 and $2500 for a new camera.

    It's not that the new camera costs less than a refurbished one that bothers me about this. It is that Nikon seems to be playing games by raising the price of the refurbished camera while hyping that it is having a sale.

    Caveat emptor!? I guess that had better be the case when looking at this deal!


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    Re: Oh! You Have to be Kidding Me, Nikon!!!!

    I have seen similar on a major selling site where the referb was more than the new unit. It was a different model though .
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