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    D90 & Lense?

    As I posted the other day, I jumped over to Nikon from Canon and bought a D90.
    I just purchased the 18-200, and am wanting to look for a Tamron 25-78 2.8, and a 50 1.8.
    Is there something else I should be looking for, or would this be a pretty good set-up??

    I live in Flagstaff AZ. so we have a lot of landscape & critters to shoot. The other 2 I am looking at more for indoor, low light situations.


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    Re: D90 & Lense?

    the DX 35 1.8G is a good one to put on the look for list, every bit as good as my old full frame 50 1.8 D
    (probably don't need both the 35 and 50 especially since I've got a 24mm 2.8, but I can't seem to part with any of the three)

    sounds like you are catching the NAS
    its OK !
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