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    Thumbs up Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    I am going to buy Nikon D90 with 50mm lens. I need to know your crucial opinion about Nikon D90. Please leave your crucial opinion here. This will help me to buy this.

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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    Hey there. I currently own a D-90. I bought it back when it was the hot new body. Its still pretty popular even with todays newer models. In fact you'll be hard pressed to see anything negative about it on this forum. It does everything I need it to do. Allthough if you were to compare it to say the 5000's-7000's models it's a little dated as far as technology. I can't give you any specifics as I don't dig into the specs on much unless I'm interested in it. You can most likely pick one up for around $800-$900.
    Good luck in you're decision and keep us posted on you're choice and how you like whatever it is you've choosen.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    You won't be sorry.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    Great camera for what it is, which is old technology when you consider what else is available out there. What I'm missing is some crucial information regarding things like what you are considering paying for it and what kind of photography you'll be doing with it. I have no problem recommending the camera whole-heartedly, but to be "crucial" (or critical) I would need to know more about what you plan on photographing. As a first DSLR kit it will work fine, but there may be better options for your money, depending on what that is.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    I want to do wedding photography with this camera. have any problem to do this camera?

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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    What are you paying for it? I see them online for as little as $499.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    You will not regret it. It's a sweet camera that performs really well. But you'll have to get other lenses as well if you plan to do weddings with it. I think that with a D90, a 28 1.8, 50 1.8 and 85 1.8 and a good glass unit you'd be good to go. Eventually, you might want to upgrade the body, but invest in lenses first.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    I have one, and it's been my go-to go-everywhere DSLR for over a year now. This camera takes *amazing* shots, and handles all sorts of weather and travel abuse like a champ.

    Sips battery power, doesn't hog flash cards, and produces beautiful RAW+JPG images. What more is there to ask for?
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    I've always said the D90 is an excellent camera. Personally, I wish I had one. And like Marcel said, invest in good glass after you get your D90.
    Let us know how you make out with your purchase.
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    Re: Need Your opinion about Nikon D90

    Had one for 3 years an loved it. But carefully heed the advise about lenses. You need a wide and a portrait lens and they need to be fast. At least 2.8, and then a good flash. Weddings can be challenging.
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