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    Rear Panel Display

    Rear Panel Display
    Dear all, I am and have been since taking delivery of my D90 been trying to display shutter & aperture information on the rear panel but so far I have been unable to do so. Please, please can some kind person where in the menu option I can do this. Thanks

    Rear Panel Display-rear-screen.jpg

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    Re: Rear Panel Display

    Are you talking about during Live View shooting, or all the time? During Live View it should be visible along the bottom of the display (if it's not you can change the display settings - just check your manual). You can also hit the Info button at any time and it will bring up not just the Sutter Speed and ISO but the full set of information normally available in the top window - but only temporarily. There is no way to make the back display a permanent display of this information, like the top window, when shooting outside of Live View.

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    Re: Rear Panel Display

    If you're talking about while in shooting mode, you just have to press the info button to get your info. If you want to have that info while in review mode, just push up or down on the multi-selector and you'll get the histogram with iso-aperture and shutter speed info.

    Hope this is what you are looking for.

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    Re: Rear Panel Display

    Rear Panel Display
    Yeah, as Marcel stated, you have to press the info button. It doesn't actually look like the photo you posted, but like this (because it's an older camera, I think the newer DXXXX series have that):
    Rear Panel Display-img_0014-1-.jpg
    (lawl, used a Canon P&S to shoot a Nikon DSLR)

    By the way, the 8 means 1/8 exposure, not 8 seconds. 8" means 8 seconds.
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    Re: Rear Panel Display

    I also have seen tutes that show this visual display on the d90 but am unable to get the same display.

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