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    Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Hi All, new the the forum. Just bought my first Nikon.

    So I have a brand new D 810. I've taken a few pics with the SD card. It looks like a very good camera.

    But, it will not accept a ScanDisk CF card. I don't have any other brand on hand to try but this is a recommended brand, yes? I've tried two cards, so that kind of rules out something wrong with the card.

    It slides in almost home but stops just short as if it is coming up against a mechanical part. It appears that the eject button is in its normal position. I have been very gentle, no force applied.

    Hopefully I'm doing something silly?


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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

    The D810 uses Type I cards (3.3mm thick). Older Type II CF cards are not supported. Are you sure you are using a Type I card?
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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    See link: Nikon D810 Tutorial

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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Thanks, It's a type 1 card. I don't think a type 2 wouldn't even get in the gate. This goes almost all the way home, but comes up against a hard stop stop just short of seating.

    edit: I see what the problem is. There is a tab near the bottom of the slot which is part of the mechanism which pops out the release button when the card is inserted. This mechanism is stuck. Back to Samy's.
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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Check the back of the card and make sure one of the thin divider strips between the contacts hasn't broken or gotten bent. I had this happen with several sandisc cards. I just cut the plastic bit off (carefully) and the card would then seat and work.

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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Thanks wev. I figured it out and edited my post above. The problem is what appears to an easily repaired one with the camera.

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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    kristiansolem, Welcome to Nikonites. Thanks for posting the cause of the problem.

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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card


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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Howdy and welcome to Nikonites!

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    Re: Cannot insert Sandisc CF card

    Hi all,
    I have a referb (Nikon) 810 on the way. I just remembered to order a CF card... (before I read this post) opinions on this one?
    I have no idea if its a type 1 or type 2,. Hope I dont need a hammer to get it in the card bay...
    I am kind of anxious to see what the resolution is like from full frame with this much mp (up from my 7500)
    Thanks as always gang!

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