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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    It's cool and there are some features for sure that I feel they should've included in the D800E but not enough for me to pine for one. I'm a big fan of not having an optical low pass filter for the type of shooting I do. Next step for me would be medium format if at all.

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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    I love it, just bought one to replace my D800e as the low light capability with the Expeed 4 processor is awesome. It now supplements my D4s, and as for the resolution being too high? Get a better computer and be amazed at the crop potential.
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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    Why is the 800E still selling at the same price as the 810?
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    D800/D800E vs D810

    Hello everyone,

    Will those of you that have used the D800 and the D810 tell me the advantages of the D810 and the D800?

    In short, what can I do better or easier with the D810 over the D800?

    I do a lot of product photography but not in the traditional since. I am a firearms broker and photograph a variety of guns but not always in an environment where I can precisely control my lighting. That is why I shoot with a D800 rather than the D800E.

    I love my D800. I am going to buy another full frame body for redundancy. I considered a D750 for some of my outdoor event projects; however, for a little more money I can buy another D800. Is there anything I can do with a D750 that a D 800 won't do as well or better. File size is not a problem. My other thought is to buy a D810 if it is a significant improvement over the D800.

    Thank you all for your input.


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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    I never owned a D800 or D800E but I can tell you the most important difference between the D750 and D810: 64 ISO.

    In terms of quality, that's the major difference. All the rest makes the one better at this while the other is better at that but when shooting both at native ISO, the 100 vs 64 are worlds apart.
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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    I didn't see this review referenced in this thread so I will post it. Lots of great info on the 810 and comparisons with the 800 and 800E. One needs to devote at least an hour, if not more, to read the entire thing including the subtabs and the various galleries.

    I highly recommend the read!

    Nikon D810 Review - D810 Overview
    It is all about the scene!
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    Re: D800/D800E vs D810

    Quote Originally Posted by Krs_2007 View Post
    I'm curious, not familiar with medium format but I have seen the new D810 being mentioned as basically a medium format camera. The sensor size is the same so how are people making this determination, just curious if anyone can speak on that.
    "Medium format" DSLRs are not medium format either. The Hasselblad's sensors are 53.4 x 40.0mm, not even up to a 6x4.5 film format.
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