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    First Photo with the D800

    First Photo with the D800

    D800 Nikon 28mm 2.8 at f11 1/500 ISO 125

    Trying to get the hang of the camera. I'll be taking some serious landscapes this weekend in the Texas hill country. Looking forward to the results.

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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    Good start!
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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    Texas, always looks good.
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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    Most excellent image to start your D800 journey. Looking forward to your "serious" landscapes.
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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    A wonderful feeling using that camera for the first time isn't it.

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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    Thanks! By serious I meant something other than just a sunset. Lol. Digital is still a bit “new” to me. I haven’t taken serious photos since 2001, when I was burning film through an F5. The D800 is a serious tool for sure. I am still getting the feel for how the camera reacts, but it is definitely showing some major potential.

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    Re: First Photo with the D800

    You are going to have fun if that is your first shot with it. Whatever you have used before, you will notice a significant expansion of DR. A couple stops more. Keep the ISO down to get the most from wide DR scenes. I use the D800 and it still impresses me how much clean data there is in those shadows. You could selectively boost that foreground 4-5 stops(in RAW) and not see much noise at all plus excellent color fidelity. Since it came our Nikon has improved low light rendering of color, instead of the orange shift in very low light the D800 had at 25k ISO. Color is spot on in very low light at lower ISO, however. Shooting fine art where deep clean shadows are a week point for common DSLRs, the D800 810 and 850 are excellent. Canon gave up trying to get close to Nikon low light DR so they resorted to heavy non-defeatable noise reduction in the camera that makes their low light and high ISO images lacking detail and sharpness. Yes, the DR measurement improves but the images look muted in detail.
    Mine has been great for all the uses I use it for, events, theater, ballet, portraiture, fashion, architecture, landscape, fine art, product, everything except sports...just not too interested in shooting sports. You will love it.

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