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    Operator malfunction question

    So I use back button focus and love it but one problem. Since I use it I always leave it in AF-C but if I need the AF-assist illuminator to come on it has to be in AF-S with single point. So I switch it over to AF-S and set the focus and it makes me hold down both focus and shutter release button at the same time in order to take the picture. If I hold down the shutter by itself it won't take the image even though, that's the sole function of the shutter release button when using backbutton focus. I find this irritating. lol. I have the focus I want, don't want to refocus but i have to for each image. Any work around for this or am I not thinking of something obvious? ty...

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    Re: Operator malfunction question

    In the menu, there is AF-S priority. If it is on focus priority, shutter won't fire unless the focus dot in viewfinder is lit.

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    Re: Operator malfunction question

    I knew I had named this thread appropriately. haha. ty All fixed.

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