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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    Have fun!

    › See More: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    Congrats @Elliot87 and hopefully you will let us know your findings once you have had a good chance to use it.
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    Congrats @Elliot87, I am sure you will enjoy it. I was one of those guys that was sure I had to have 2 card slots but the D700 cured me of that over 18 months of use. Also, I always thought I needed a grip but the more I looked at my photos the more I realized I rarely used them though I had paid for them.

    For me that made it easy to move to the Z6 after the D700.

    I am sure you will like the D7500 it does better in low light and from what I have heard the focus system works well too.
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    Congrats on a your new camera. My D7500 is my go-to wildlife camera, especially for BIFs.
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    After months of research and head scratching (and even a little head-banging!), I ordered my new D7500 since they are on sale this week. I had a D7200 several years ago and regrettably sold it since I was busy with taking care of my parents and had no time for photography. At least I have a little head start on learning the D7500.
    @Elliot87 You've had yours for a month now - what do you think?
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    I upgraded to a D7500 from a D7100. I think it was worthwhile. I like the high frame rate, I think the pictures look nicer and it is noticably better in low light.
    I did keep my D7100 for a spare and it has a grip and dual slot which the D7500 does not have, but I don't shoot events either. The 3D mode is more useful for focus too,
    and I do use it for birds in flight/wildlife.
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    I have been shooting bird related photography with a D7500 for a few months now and overall its is a pretty good camera. My 2nd body a D7200 has slight better overall image quality but not big noticeable difference. Regardless of what setting I am on in the D7500 IE: Vivid etc, colours are better and more balanced in the D7200. I have tried the Group AF for flying birds but its seems only to work out if the back ground is minimal. The Highlight-Weighting Metering mode works nicely on white subjects that are your main subject to focus on. I tried it on a full adult white egret and it did a nice job of controlling blowouts in the camera before the image was taken. No post editing was necessary to make any adjustments. FPS is good, I haven't used the tilt out screen since owning it. Overall a good solid camera, if I owned a D7200 and it works then and upgrade would not be a reason to buy a D7500. As for a D7100, my opinion would be the same. Not a big difference between the D7100 & D7200. The only reason I purchased one is I could not find a new D7200 one to replace mine that got dropped but has since been fixed. But I am better off now when travelling with 2 bodies good to go instead of 1.
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    Re: D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    06Honda, do you realize this is an old thread from 2020? Also I agree with you, the D7200 is superior to the D7500. And even, except for flying birds or fast action, better or as good as a D500!
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