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    Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    I will be getting a new D7500 soon and need to choose a suitable memory card

    I do have a preference towards Sandisk as I have used this brand in my D90 for over 10 years and they have all been totally reliable.

    Any thoughts on this one please...

    SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB SDXC Memory Card, Up to 170 MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30

    Will this handle 4K video or do I need to consider a different card?

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    Re: Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    That is a great card....if you plan on shooting 4K Video, the V30 is good. The XC's usually have a high write speed compared to the SDHC. Good choice, IMO.
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    Re: Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    Yes, thanks.. I have found more info on the net which suggests this will suit my needs.
    Now, card capacity for day shoots (approx 500 large/fine Jpg's) and occasional few minutes of 4K video?
    That said, with this new camera I want enough head-room to experiment with RAW files too
    I can't get over how much prices have come down since I last purchased cards.
    I am thinking of ordering a 128GB but a wiser choice might be a couple of 64GB's more as a contingency should the single card get lost, damaged or develop a fault.

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    Re: Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    I too would opt for multiple cards. If you have multiple cards and one is in your bag you will have one to shot with should you leave one setting on the desk. Shoot a d7100 14 bit Raw, camera shows 250+ images on a 16G card. No video here so no frame of reference for you.
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    Re: Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    I think a couple of 64GB will be my best choice - using 14 bit raw as a reference tells me that I would never fill a 64GB card in a single day with enough room for a few minutes of 4K video here and there. I think this would be better than putting all my eggs in one basket by buying a 128GB card which I would arguably never get the full benefit from.

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    Re: Which SDXC Card for D7500?

    Here's my first contribution to the forum...

    Something I think others might find informative:

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