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    D7500 At The Rodeo

    D7500 At The Rodeo
    I just got back from the Onslow Rodeo in Pilbara Region of West , it's my first attempt using my D7500 at sports.
    After using my D850 last week with the heavy Tamron G2 70-200 lens plus battery grip I must say it was a joy to carry around due to it's light weight camera and lens combo (AF-S VR 70-300mm) the crop took a little to getting use to when it came to framing the subject.
    D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-7a.jpg D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-9a.jpg

    D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-12a.jpg D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-14a.jpg

    D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-18a.jpg D7500 At The Rodeo-onslow-rodeo-22a.jpg


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