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    D7500 16:9 versus 3:2...etc

    I view my jpeg photos on a 16:9 aspect ratio TV.
    As far as I can determine, my 7500 takes16:9s only in the mirror up mode
    and not thru the viewfinder which I would prefer.
    Can this be changed - even by software / firmware update?
    I am aware of the in camera cropping feature.

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    Re: D7500 16:9 versus 3:2...etc

    No... The camera doesn't shoot in 16:9 aspect ratio because it's limited to the aspect ratios of the sensor. The 16:9 ratio you see is for the movie mode setting which is actually a cropped image... If you want to change the aspect ratio, you do it in post-processing with software... or use the in-camera crop tool... Sorry.
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    Re: D7500 16:9 versus 3:2...etc

    Thanks for your reply.
    I had thought that since 16:9 shooting is possible in the mirror up (video) mode albeit via cropping of the sensor image,
    it might have been achievable in the viewfinder shooting mode.
    It seems not.

    So can you suggest any software specifically for cropping to 16:9 without quality loss.
    I'm familiar with FastStone and good as it is, it's a but of an cumbersome overkill for my needs.

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    Re: D7500 16:9 versus 3:2...etc

    Well... There are very few single purpose photo editors that perform a single task like you're asking... Your camera came with editing software that will do what you want. If you don't have it, you can download it from Nikon's website.

    If you're on a Mac, there is a single task program named Resize Sense that performs resizing of single files or batch resizes images...

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    Re: D7500 16:9 versus 3:2...etc

    In Lightroom you can set up and save any custom crop ratio. I use 1 x 2.74 for panoramic, mimicking my old Hasselblad XPan.

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