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    Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    Does anyone use the wireless connections to connect their camera to their device? I seem to have to go thru the entire setup process every time i want to utilize it, i've not been able to figure out connecting it to my Macbook. There has to be an easier way . The phone or computer can never see the camera and the camera doesn't connecct to either one.

    What Am i doing wrong?

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    Re: Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    I'm not familiar with the D7500, but what software are you using to connect to your phone or computer? I am also not a Mac user, but this info will help others in answering your question.

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    Re: Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    Quote Originally Posted by DebClicks View Post
    What Am i doing wrong?
    I'm afraid you are not doing anything wrong here. In its infinite wisdom, Nikon rendered the WiFi functionality pretty much useless on its latest models, which includes the D500, D3400, D5600, D7500, D850. They "added" SnapBridge, a Bluetooth connectivity function, and implemented it in a way that the ONLY way to connect your camera via WiFi is by first connecting it via SnapBridge to a phone or tablet (Android or iOS only), where you can then change the connection to WiFi. In other words, there is NO way to connect to a desktop or notebook.

    Nikon's SnapBridge app has very limited and basic functionality but this implementation renders ALL other phone/tablet apps useless, too, although there are plenty of third-party apps that allow you to control many features of WiFi-enabled cameras. I use some of them with my D7100 but, like you on the D7500, cannot use them with my D500.

    One of the stupidest and most highly irritating moves Nikon made in many years. It could be changed with a simple firmware upgrade, but the company still does not seem to get it. Arghhh!
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    Re: Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    Would appreciate any advice on 3rd party apps for controlling features of the D7500/WiFi enabled cameras.

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    Re: Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    Hi, I upgraded from my trusty D80 to a shiny new D7500 and the bluetooth greyed out problem came up for me too. After phoning the shop and trying pressing the two little green buttons to reset, nothing worked. I went further and searched across another Nikon unofficial site. After putting together snippets of information I came to a list of things to do that actually worked.
    1. Delete Snapbridge from iphone.
    2. On the camera SETUP menu, (the spanner) select Reset All Settings
    3. Reload Snapbridge and turn Bluetooth on on the iphone but do not try to connect on that page.
    4. Go in to Snapbridge and follow the instructions.
    After that, (for me) it all worked. I hope this is helpful. I was about to stick the camera in its box and post it back to the shop, or Nikon, or somewhere. It is a lovely camera, but the remote facility is not good. I am thinking about getting an 'Arsenal' device. Does anyone know about them?

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    Re: Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect

    Hi all

    OK lets solve this problem once and for all:

    First thing is to uninstall snapbridge.

    Next go to your phone settings and into Bluetooth.

    Next if you can forget your camera [don't worry if you cant]

    Turn off Bluetooth: Yep turn it OFF.

    Next now go into WiFi, again in your phone settings.

    Next forget your camera.

    Turn off WiFi: Yep turn it OFF.

    OK now reinstall snapbridge and continue as normal. Go to Remote photography to enable WiFi.

    Now all should work.

    Thank you

    Mick Gibson

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