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    Function buttons tips

    What did you guys program your function buttons to do?

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    Re: Function buttons tips

    I have the 2 front function buttons mapped as DOF preview (lower button) and Virtual Horizon level indicator (upper). I need to remember to use them more.

    I also need to learn to program U1 and U2 on the function dial and use them for scenes like watch photography and astrophotography.
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    Re: Function buttons tips

    Z50, FN1=bracketing, FN2=Preview (dofp)
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    Re: Function buttons tips

    Picture playback on the front function button and single point focus on rear function button.

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    Re: Function buttons tips

    Pv is set as Preview, but I never use it. I used to have it set for single point focus, but I tend to default to that, so I just changed it to center my focus point. It is less awkward than using the little textured button on the back that I had programmed for that. It snaps the focus point back to center. My F1 is set to use with the dial to go from Fx to Dx crop mode. I tend to forget to use the buttons on the front of my camera.
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