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    D7200 battery

    If I am not going to use my D7200 for a while, do I need to remove the battery.

    Thank for any suggestions.

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    Re: D7200 battery

    Welcome CHMA

    Nikon recommends that the battery be removed if the camera is to be stored for an extended period of time. They do not specify what that time period is.

    From D7100 manual
    "Storage: To prevent mold or mildew, store the camera in a dry, well-ventilated area. If you are
    using an AC adapter, unplug the adapter to prevent fire. If the product will not be used for an
    extended period, remove the battery to prevent leakage and store the camera in a plastic bag
    containing a desiccant. Do not, however, store the camera case in a plastic bag, as this may
    cause the material to deteriorate. Note that desiccant gradually loses its capacity to absorb
    moisture and should be replaced at regular intervals.
    To prevent mold or mildew, take the camera out of storage at least once a month. Turn the
    camera on and release the shutter a few times before putting it away.
    Store the battery in a cool, dry place. Replace the terminal cover before putting the battery

    Also be sure to charge the battery before storage if goes flat you run the risk of killing it. Occasional use would be a better option to storage.

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    Re: D7200 battery

    I would suggest this. If you're not going to use it for say three months, leave it in the camera. If you're not going to use it for six months or more, pull it.
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    Re: D7200 battery

    I'd leave the battery in unless you are talking really long term storage. A year? There is a small rechargable battery of some sort in the camera for the clock and memory. It is not user-replaceable. It charges from the main battery. I think a month or so without the main battery and things will erase. I don't know, but I worry that running down that internal battery could kill it, just as keeping the main battery dead is not a good thing. I have my old d7000 in the closet. I keep a battery in it and when I think of it every few months, I'll snap the shutter a few times and take the battery out and charge it. I don't think I have ever found it completely dead, so that is good.
    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: D7200 battery

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.
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