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    D7200 Viewfinder vs. D610

    Hey all! I am looking to upgrade my D5300 body. A great camera by all rights, but I once owned a D610, and that pentaprism viewfinder seemed to make a world of difference on brightness and ease of use.

    Those of you who have, or have had many bodies can confirm that I will probably be happy with the D7200?

    And why a 7200? Well, I am trying to keep costs down by not going with a 7300.

    But it's all about the viewfinder. If I have to, I will be happy to go back to a full frame body.

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    Re: D7200 Viewfinder vs. D610

    Iím not sure the viewfinders are particularly different from 1 model to the next in the current Nikon lineÖ I certainly donít noyice a difference between my D200, D300, D600, and D810,,,

    Iíve certainly never heard of someone complain about the brightness or lack of brightness in the D7200Ö

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    Re: D7200 Viewfinder vs. D610

    The biggest difference for me between the D610 and D7200 is the focus points are a little larger and more spread out in the D7200 viewfinder. I haven't noticed any difference in brightness though.
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    Re: D7200 Viewfinder vs. D610

    i do not see a difference in screen brightness between my d7100 and d610, i do see a difference in the brightness of the info below the screen.


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