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    Nikon Flashing F Error Message

    My equipment:

    Nikon D7200
    AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR

    1 x SanDisk Extreme SD XC 1 60MB/s 64 GB in slot one
    1 x SanDisk Ultra Plus sd hc 1 80MB/s 32 GB in slot two used only as overflow

    The last two evenings I have been out shooting Snowy Owl’s, temps between -12 C to -16 C not including the windchill for about 3 hours or so. After about an hour and a half I suddenly got a Flashing F message on my top screen. Camera locked up and would not do anything. I tuned off the camera a couple of times and tired to focus and it just stopped and worked fine the for the rest now the shoot on both nights.

    I have been shooting Nikon bodies and lenses since 2006 and this is the first time this has happened to me, lucky I guess. Several photographers that I was with all shoot with Canon except one who has the same body and sense as me. The Canon shooters said “oh thats a Nikon thing” LOL.

    Suggestions they gave:

    (1) Replace my cards (they are a few years old)

    (2) Clean the lense contacts with a lint free cloth and some rubbing alcohol

    (3) Its just the cold?

    Any suggestions on the possible cause of this error message, or trouble shooting tips to resolve it. Thanks for taking the time to read this slightly long post.


    ** Oddly another shooter with a Canon body and a 150-500 Sigma had there gear lock up similar to my shortly after. I am thinking that the cold temps may not be the cause as this would have happened to just about all of them as we were shooting in the same conditions and length of time.

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    Re: Nikon Flashing F Error Message

    A Flashing F error on the LCD means the Lens and camera body are NOT communicating. That means one or more of the electrical contacts weren't contacting... Additionally, those temps are below Nikon's threshold for that camera... I would guess the extreme cold was causing your problem.

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    Re: Nikon Flashing F Error Message

    The temperature specs for the D7200 (and Canon cameras as well) are down to 0 C so your temps of -12 C to -16 C are definitely below this temperature. I would get a hand warmer to put in the bag along with the camera. You might also keep a spare battery and spare cards in an inside pocket. Also be careful of condensation when you bring the camera back indoors.
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    Re: Nikon Flashing F Error Message

    Thanks for the tips from you both, I will see what happens next time out when its warmer. When I bring my camera inside I will leave it in my car for a while then when coming home slowy warm it up to normal temps before packing away.

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    Re: Nikon Flashing F Error Message

    I never experienced your issue but do recall having a problem with my D610. The temperature was below freezing. The images wouldn't display on the rear screen after each shutter actuation, but once the body warmed it, I didn't have any further issues.

    My only suggestion would be to carry a spare battery that is stored close to your body (for warmth). If the same things happens again, swap out the battery and see if that makes a difference. If I remember correctly, someone here suggested popping out the battery and keeping it close to my body until I was ready to use it--and you can also do that if you don't have a spare.
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