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    Crazy shutter speed after preview

    I have Nikon D7100 and I'm using the kit lens.

    On manual mode, I set the ISO to 200, then I set the aperture and the shutter speed. I take a shot and then I preview the shot on the camera's screen. So far, so good.

    However, when I exit the preview, the shutter speed setting suddenly really crazy (I thought in Manual mode I set the Shutter speed) and I have to adjust it again, and every preview and back - set it again.

    How do I prevent this craziness behavior?


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    Have you done a Factory Reset? Do one and see if that corrects your problem.

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    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.<br>We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.<br><br>I agree with Fred's suggestion. Try a factory reset.

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    If Auto-ISO is enabled, it will work even if you are shooting in Manual Mode. Check to see if it's turned on.&nbsp;

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